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It had to happen sooner or later. With over 80000 special interest WebRings in existence, one of them had to be created for French Citizens abroad. This is the one. This Ring welcomes all Francophile sites in French or in English. Especially welcome are pages created by French expatriates (individuals and associations), French schools abroad, French Alliances, pages of Foreigners established in France, and other Francophile sites established abroad or having an international or multicultural scope.

Ça devait arriver un jour ou l'autre. Il y a maintenant plus de 80000 anneaux (WebRings), l'un d'entre eux se devait d'être consacré aux Français de l'étranger. Le voici. Cet anneau accueille tous les sites Francophiles en Français ou en Anglais. Sont tout particulièrement bienvenus les sites créés par des Français expatriés (individus ou associations), les pages des établissements scolaires Français à l'étranger et des Alliances Françaises, les sites des Etrangers établis en France, et toutes les autres pages francophiles ayant une perspective internationale ou multiculturelle.

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Each site registered with "Français de l'étranger" must display one of the two "navigation bars" which appear at the bottom of this page. When you add your Site to the Ring, simply include on your Web page the HTML fragment corresponding to either language (English or French), according to your own preference and/or the dominant language used in your page

The corresponding code is sent to you via e-mail when you join, but you may find it easier to "cut and paste" the fragment from the source code of the "official page" you are reading right now. To do so, use the "view source" feature of your browser to display the end of the source code and "cut" whichever language version you prefer. Then, paste this into your own HTML file (we recommend to put the Patrie NetRing code just before your final </BODY> tag). Finally, "customize" your HTML fragment by doing two simple things:

  1. Include your Site ID: Replace "id=1;" with "id=nnn;" where "nnn" is the "Ring ID" you have been assigned by e-mail upon joining (do this for each of the 8 occurrences of "id=1;").
  2. Include your "Local Title": Replace "Official%20Homepage" (or "Page%20de%20référence" in the French version) by whatever title you feel is appropriate for the page on which you are putting the navigation bar (this may or may not be the "official" title of your site which you registered with us). There should not be any blank space in that title (or else, the use of some browsers may cause difficulties for your visitors). Whenever you need a blank to separate words, just use the three characters "%20" instead.

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